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Granny Is


Poem Activity

Have fun with the poem by trying this...

This poem has some words used in Jamaica where Valerie Bloom was born. Look these up then let your imagination travel and enjoy the sounds of these special words.

Don't put on a special voice to perform this poem. Make the poem your own by saying it naturally in your own accent.

Notice the shape of the poem. The first and last lines of each verse are short, with two strong beats. The middle lines are longer with 3 or 4 strong beats each. What can you do to keep that shape as you speak it?

You might also like to write your own poem about someone who is special to you. Begin each verse with the name of your special person followed by ‘is’.


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Granny is
fried dumplin’ an’ run-dung,
coconut drops an’ grater cake,
fresh ground coffee smell in the mornin’
when we wake.

Granny is
loadin’ up the donkey,
basket full on market day
with fresh snapper the fisherman bring back
from the bay.

Granny is
clothes washin’ in the river
scrubbin’ dirt out on the stone
haulin’ crayfish an’ eel from the water
on her own.

Granny is
stories in the moonlight
underneath the guangu tree
and a spider web of magic
all round we.

Granny say,
‘Only de best fe de gran’children,
it don’ matter what de price,
don’t want no one pointin’ finger.’

Granny nice.

Granny Is

by Valerie Bloom