Upload until midnight on 31st March – there’s still time

The murmurings of Spring - and of our EASY competition uploader

It’s the time of year when suddenly, even in These Times, you start noticing longer days, a Spring bulb poking through the soil and Cadbury’s Mini-eggs appearing in your shopping. In a usual year, Poetry By Heart competition entries would already be in but with everything disrupted by Covid you still have plenty of time – right up to midnight on 31st March 2021 – to complete your entry form(s) and upload your students’ video performances. Who knows, with this extended deadline, some of you may even get to hold your competitions in person and in school. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves – competition can also be held virtually on your favourite video meeting platform or by students sending you their performance videos filmed at home. As long as you can vouch for the student’s performance, it’s all good.

Ready to make the magic happen?

There is definitely still time to start and finish a school competition from scratch and be uploaded by 31st March. Learning a poem can be a great way to get away from a screen, it’s high-powered learning and a magical experience to hear different poems recited with heart. Here’s all the essentials in one place:

The essential guide to starting a competition

Call us if we can help you to tailor it to your students and your school’s circumstances: info@poetrybyheart.org.uk or 0117 905 5338. Or tweet us @poetrybyheart.

Meanwhile, our new super-easy drag’n’drop uploader for competition entries is murmuring away in the corner, as the first schools send in their students’ video performances. We’ll be getting to work on this after half term, checking everything about the entry is in order and ready for judging. We’ll confirm all is well or let you know if there’s a problem.

Ready to upload?

When you’ve chosen your national competition entrants, login to the Poetry By Heart website and the competition entry form will be right there. Fill in a few basic details and some feedback and then drag’n’drop your video files into the form. There’s a checklist if you want to make sure you’ve got what you need.

We’ve also made some handy video guides giving simple tips for recording your student performances and showing you how the uploader works. The videos are in the Teaching Zone (login first) in the Competition Upload box. You’ll also find the same information in pdfs there, or just click on the links below.

Tips for Preparing and Recording your Student Performances

How to Upload your Student Performances

Looking forward to seeing, hearing and hearing about all the wonderful performances you and your students have made happen in this toughest of years. Remember: every single entrant will receive a Poetry By Heart certificate and individual feedback from the judges. More about the national showcase event to come (with all fingers and toes crossed for us being able to confirm our dates at The Globe after the government’s Road Map is announced next week).