Poetry By Heart 2021-2022 – New and Coming Soon!

Poetry By Heart 2021-2022 - New and Coming Soon!

The 2021-2022 competition will be formally launched at the Finalists Celebration Event at The Globe on Monday 19th July but we’ll be sharing what we’ve got planned as it develops this half term. Here’s where we’re at so far:

The poetry collections
We’re currently working with poets Jean Sprackland and Daljit Nagra to refresh the 14+ timeline anthology. We’re looking at poetry published in the last ten years and we’ll be adding young, diverse new voices to the collection. We’ll also be improving the filters so you can find poems by black, Asian and minority ethnic poets more easily. We’re adding new poems to the Mix-It-Up collection, including some more poems for the youngest pupils. Although the competition is only open to Key Stage 2 and upwards, we know many primary schools involve Key Stage 1 pupils too so we’re making sure there are some great choices for them.

Teaching and learning resources
Over the summer we’ll be busy writing and adding more poet biographies and “explore the poem” activities to the 7+ and 11+ timelines, along with more videos of pupils performing the poems. We’ll be getting performance galleries of this year’s finalists live too so you can see who will be competing in July. We started Poem of the Week as a Covid home-learning resource but we love doing it so we’re going to keep that going next year too, apart from a short break over the summer. And next term we’ll be starting Word of the Week with our friends at the Oxford English Dictionary, bringing you all the poetry vocabulary you need!

The competition
We’re currently looking at the format for next year. It’ll be broadly similar but we’re thinking hard about increasing the number of entries schools can make, by popular demand and especially from our primary school colleagues! We’re also trying to second-guess what Covid-19 might have in mind for us all in order to set competition deadlines and the finals venue. A lot more on all that soon but for now, the key thing is to register for the 2021-22 competition to make sure you get your competition guide and gorgeous poetry wall calendar (new design!). Simply log in to the website and your existing details will be shunted over into our 2021-22 registration list.

We want 2021-22 to be the biggest celebration of poetry speaking yet. To any school that hasn’t yet taken part, feel free to give us a shout so we can help you get under way next term. For those that have taken part, could you help a friend get it started in another school, or do something collaborative with your partner schools, or across your academy trust or local authorities? Are there any local training events or meetings or teach meets we could help with? We’d love to hear all your ideas. Get in touch via info@poetrybyheart.org.uk.

And don’t forget, we always have a competition for school staff and PGCE trainees – which poem will you learn over this year?….