National Poetry Day – A great time to get started with Poetry By Heart

National Poetry Day - A great time to get started with Poetry By Heart


National Poetry Day is two weeks today and there’s still time to get involved. You can download free Toolkits, Key Stage 1 to 5 lesson plans and activities, posters and logos from the National Poetry Day websiteOur activity on the NPD website is all about choosing a poem to speak aloud. Download it, share it and invite your class, your school, your staff, your PGCE group, your poetry club, to choose a poem they like from the Poetry By Heart website, practise speaking it and then share aloud on National Poetry Day. It’s a great way to get started with Poetry By Heart 2022.

If you fancy something more collaborative, log in and visit the Poetry By Heart Teaching Zone and download one of the Poem Learn-Along resources. These are single lesson activities that will have pupils learning a poem together and performing it together. There are different poems for different key stages, the slide deck takes you through a series of stages to learning the poem and the teacher instructions are in the notes field. If you’d like us to show you how it works, get in touch.

We’ve got lots of other ideas about making poetry happen on National Poetry Day and we’d love to hear what you’re up to or have done before – come and share ideas with the PBH team and other teachers, librarians and educators in our Poetry Forum next Wednesday, online at 4pm. We’ll also be sharing what we’ll be doing on National Poetry Day with 15 of the 2021 finalists and their teachers – come and find out more (and be prepared to be surprised)! Email us at to confirm your attendance.