Perform a poem this term – be onstage at Shakespeare’s Globe in June!

Perform a poem this term - be onstage at Shakespeare's Globe in June!

If you’re already underway with Poetry By Heart 2022…

Fantastic! We’ve heard many stories about events taking place around the country in schools and colleges of all kinds. We can’t wait to hear more and to see your competition entries too. If you want to give out certificates to everyone taking part in school, we have blank ones for you here. If you’re a Twitter-friendly school we’d love to see your pics @poetrybyheart. And you still have plenty of time – deadline for uploads is midnight on 31st March 2022.

As soon as you’ve decided who’s going forward to the national competition, you can upload – the online entry forms are live (via login) and waiting for you now. Just login and the dashboard for your school’s entries will appear. For the 2022 competition you can have up to 3 entries per category per key stage – you might prefer to just upload 1, and that’s totally fine. It’s all designed to help you tailor it to what you need.

But if you’re going for multiple entries, we’d like you to think about how you use those – we strongly encourage you to think about 2 outstanding pupils and 1 special extra. You might have a pupil whose performance is an outstanding achievement on their own terms, or a pupil who has had things especially difficult this year, or someone who could use a confidence boost. They will all get a certificate and positive individual feedback about their performances – and you never know, your special extras might get a Golden Ticket to the finals. Let us know anything you think we should know by email or phone.

We’ve updated our video guidance about filming your pupils and about uploading your entry – head for the Teaching Zone (login) – look for the Competition Upload box. We can also do demos in the Poetry Forums this term if you want to join us in the Zoom room for a show’n’tell.

And if you want a little turbo-charge for your pupils, so they can see where they could be on 20th June 2022, feel free to share the video from last year’s finals event at Shakespeare’s Globe.

If you’re wondering if you have time for Poetry By Heart…

You certainly do! The entry deadline is midnight on 31st March 2022 and we have lots of ideas and suggestions for quick and simple starts. Poetry By Heart is designed to be adaptable to any situation and to any size activity. If you’ve got a few pupils who want to give it a go, you can take part – some of our national champions have come from small-scale activities. Some ideas to think about:

– Learn a poem as a class, video your performance and enter the Freestyle category. Try our whole class Learn-Along activities for primary and secondary – login and download a slide deck with activity instructions in the notes field.
– Got a trainee teacher on placement? Would they like to work with a handful of students on their poems? They might already have attended one of our Learn-Along poem workshops!
– Set everyone the challenge to learn our February calendar poemChristina Rossetti’s ‘Mix-A-Pancake’ – only 22 words to learn, lots of repetition and scope for some pancake fun too!
– If you do a whole class poem, enter that in Freestyle – then select the best 3 performers to learn a second poem for a Classic competition entry (1 pre-1914 poem + 1 post-1914 poem).

Still not sure? Give us a call or drop us an email at – we have dozens more tips!