To Music (1660)

Robert Herrick

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Robert Herrick wrote a number of poems about music and we’ve chosen two short ones with almost the same titles. You can recite either or both of them.


To Music

Begin to charm, and, as thou strok’st mine ears
With thy enchantment, melt me into tears.
Then let thy active hand scud o’er thy lyre,
And make my spirits frantic with the fire.
That done, sink down into a silvery strain,
And make me smooth as balm and oil again.


To Music – A Song

Music, thou queen of heaven, care-charming spell,
That strik’st a stillness into hell ;
Thou that tam’st tigers, and fierce storms that rise,
With thy soul-melting lullabies ;
Fall down, down, down from those thy chiming spheres,
To charm our souls, as thou enchant’st our ears.