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First World War Poetry Showcase

Poetry by Heart has compiled this showcase selection of poetry to mark the centenary
of the outbreak of the First World War. There are plenty of anthologies of First World War
poetry in existence.

Ours is different because it contains an unusually wide range of voice: some widely
celebrated, some much less well-known; some from Britain, some from Germany and
elsewhere; some men and some women; some speaking from the trenches, some from
behind the lines or at home; some describing the heat of battle, some reflecting on the
conflict from later in the century.

Taken all together, they create an extraordinary kind of witness – harrowing as well
as humbling and heartening; they present the war as a devastating moment in history,
and remind us its resonances never end.

WWI Poets WWI Poets

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Trench Warfare Light and Dark Dreams Birds Explosion Pain Youth Reflection Goodbyes Music Curse Laughter Pride Pointlessness Thunder Religion Emptiness Escapism Spring Ghosts Home Front Medical Workers Translations