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Isn’t My Name Magical?


Poem Activity

Have fun with the poem by trying this...

List the names of your friends, family members or classmates. Include at least 7 or 8 names but you make it longer if you like. Say each name slowly, then quickly, then try saying them in a different order. How does your list of names sound? Now turn it into a chant that sounds good and will help you to remember it, using rhythm, rhymes and sound patterns. For example,

Mohammed, Michael, Jaydon and Pam,

Katie, Casey, Hassan and Sam.

Can you make a chant that includes everyone in your class?


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Nobody can see my name on me.
My name is inside
and all over me, unseen
like other people also keep it.
Isn’t my name magical?

My name is mine only.
It tells me I am individual,
the one special person it shakes
when I’m wanted.

Even if someone else answers
for me, my message hangs in the air
haunting others, till it stops
with me, the right name.
Isn’t your name and my name magic?

If I’m with hundreds of people
and my name gets called,
my sound switches me on to answer
like it was my human electricity.

My name echoes across the playground,
it comes, it demands my attention,
I have to find out who calls,
who wants me for what.
My name gets blurted out in class,
it is terror, at a bad time,
because somebody is cross.

My name gets called in a whisper,
I am happy, because
my name may have touched me
with a loving voice.
Isn’t your name and my name magic?

Isn’t My Name Magical?

by James Berry