Competition update

We have been delighted to hear from schools and colleges that have held full-format Poetry By heart competitions this year. We have always been very clear that the most important round is the school/college round – it’s where the most students get to give it a go, and where they get all the special recognition that comes from performing so courageously in front of their friends and families. Thank you for keeping it going – you are doing something important and wonderful. And if you are one of the schools joining the unique Poetry By Heart Centenary Battlefield Tour, we will very much look forward to seeing you there.

The Poetry By Heart programme continues to be enjoyed in this way by schools and colleges, pupils, teachers and librarians. It also continues to enjoy the support of our programme partners, specifically The Poetry Archive, Oxford University Press and the British Library, whose wonderful resources are made available through our website. Here’s what we have all achieved together this year.

What we have achieved this academic year: 

1) We have updated the website and its great wealth of resources for poetry teaching and learning, and we will be adding new First World War poems soon.

2) We have run a successful competition with lots of very wonderful recitations of First World War poetry.

3) We have opened up the competition to Key Stage 3 pupils and have shown that it works well with the younger age group.

4) We have kept the competition free to enter so that we continue to support and encourage pupils from all types of schools, all regions of England and all social backgrounds.

5) We have developed a fantastic partnership with the First World War Centenary Battlefield Tours Programme such that we are able to offer this unique Poetry By Heart trip for schools/colleges that took part. 

6) We have continued to support the successful development of similar poetry recitation competitions in other countries – France, Germany, Portugal, Jamaica and South Africa!

7) We have worked with the Faculty of Education at Cambridge University to develop our research about the benefits of young people learning and performing poetry.