Your 3-step guide to competition entry


Entries for all key stages of the individual student competition need to be uploaded by midnight on Friday 28th February.

Entries for the poetry celebration competition and the school staff competition need to be uploaded by Monday 30th March. We’ll look forward to seeing them all!

Congratulations! You’ve had your school/college competition or ‘freestyle’ poetry celebration and chosen your winner(s). Now all you need to do is follow these 3 steps to complete your national competition entry. If you have any problems with this, let us know on or call us on 0117 905 5338.

Step 1 – register your school/college for competition entry

The registration form you’ve already filled in was a temporary measure while we built our competition entry and judging system. To enter the competition we need you to sign up for that. It’s quick and simple and all you need is your school/college postcode to get started. This registration will also allow you to use the resources in our Teaching Zone, a resource we will be adding lots of extra material too in the coming months. All other teachers in eligible schools can register to access these resources too. We recommend you get this bit of the process out of the way now and sort your video upload out later.

Click here to register

Or click here to download a step-by-step guide to registration

Step 2 – get your winner(s) videos lined up

Your winner videos need to be nice and simple, the main thing being to make sure we can see and hear them. We will need one video for each poem your contestant has recited. We’ll check the videos when you send them to us and if there are any problems with quality, we’ll let you know straightaway so you can re-do them if you need to. You don’t need any fancy equipment – a mobile phone or tablet video is likely to be fine. We’ll delete your videos as soon as we’ve finished judging so make sure you keep a copy! You’ll also need to make sure you have relevant school or parental permissions in place for the videos. We’re ONLY going to use them to judge the competition.

Click here to download our guide to preparing your contestants’ videos

When you’ve made your videos, you need to decide how you want to send them to us. We have researched the possibilities extensively and the most secure way is to use or create your own school YouTube channel and to upload your videos to that with secure settings so no-one else in the world can access them. This will give you a link that you can then simply copy and paste into our competition entry form. This way, you get total control of your video files, not us, and as soon as we have judged the competition you can delete them. We show you how to do all this in our guide, we’re standing by to help and school/college IT technicians usually do this in a flash (if asked nicely!).

But if you’re not happy with that approach, you can send us your videos by the file transfer service WeSendIt. This is secure but then we have your video files, rather than just links to them, and therefore you have less control of what happens to them – though we assure you we will delete them as soon as we have judged the competition. If you want to choose this option, just tick the box in the upload form – but remember to send the files to us via WeSendIt!

Click here to download our guide to sending your videos to us

Some teachers have also requested a specific Poetry By Heart online judging parental consent form, in addition to applying their existing school/college procedures.

Click here to download additional online judging consent form

Step 3 – complete your competition entry form

Then all you have to do is log in to the website (the log in box is in the top right hand corner of the website homepage) and complete the competition entry form(s). We need you to give us a little bit of information about your winner, a little bit of feedback, and either paste in your video links or click the YouSendIt box.  Click submit and you’re done!

Click here to enter the competition

Click here to download our guide to the entry form

We’ll be judging county and then regional winners of the individual student competition as soon as the deadline closes on 28th February, and we’ll announce who we’re inviting to the finals on 19th March (secondary) and 23rd March (primary) as fast as we can after that! ‘Freestyle’ poetry celebrations will be judged after the 30th March deadline. Our team of judges is limbering up now!