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Shakespeare Sonnet Competition Update

23rd February 2017

20170220_EMAIL_TeachIt_Shakes_1Schools all over the country are setting up their dates for the simple 1 student or 1 staff Shakespeare Sonnet competition and we’re here to help you set up your own!

Why not challenge yourself to learn a sonnet you’re teaching this year by heart? We’ve got all of the sonnets available in our Shakespeare Sonnets Showcase here.

Get started with your Shakespeare sonnet competition by downloading the cheatsheet here and why not contact us if you need any extra support?


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Need Help with PBH 2017?

pbh-handbook-270-170-1The Poetry By Heart competition only needs 3 students to memorise 2 poems (pre-1914, and post-1914), and for you to select 1 winner by 31st March 2017.

Our team of experienced support staff will give you all the best tips and tricks for hosting your competition before the deadline: 31st March 2017. We’ll help you get started and finished in no time at all.

The competition handbook is available to all registered schools and colleges by email in a print friendly format. Simply print off the whole thing or just the pages you need.

If you’d like to have a friendly chat about tips and tricks for getting your competition off the ground – be it Poetry By Heart or the Shakespeare Sonnets competition – we’re here to help and we hope to hear from you soon.


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Your Stories!

Every year we love to hear stories from students and staff who participated in Poetry By Heart – the annual competition to help students discover the joy of memorising and reciting poetry.

Here’s just some of the brilliant tweets and reports we’ve been getting from participating schools.


Whitley Bay High School



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Isleworth & Syon School


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Richmond Park Academy


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Teesdale School


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“The schools very active Poetry Club hosted [this year’s Poetry By Heart] event and we were delighted that once again Anne Fine was able to join us as Chair of the Judges.

“This year’s joint winners were Jake Knight and Cal Baker, both in Year 10, who between them recited the poetry of Clough, Gunn, Wilde and Frost.

“They were variously complimented on their ability to learn the poetry with a high degree of accuracy and also to really modulate their voices effectively.

“From this round the students will work on their performances and then go on to have a video recording made of this which will allow judges to decide who goes forward into the final.

Images used with consent

Images used with consent

“In a curriculum where certainly for English Literature at GCSE and A Level, students need to learn quotations from set texts by heart, competitions such as these very much support students’ learning. Also this year for the first time there is another element to the Poetry by Heart Competition, which involves quite simply, learning one of Shakespeare’s sonnets by heart and then reciting it and we are all looking forward to this and hope many of students, and indeed teachers from school, will enter.

“Cassie M Flint”

Dividing LineIf you’d like to tell us about how your competition went, why not get in touch or message us on Twitter or Facebook, too?



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