About Poetry by Heart

About Poetry By Heart

Between 2013 and 2016 Poetry By Heart was the principal educational initiative of The Poetry Archive, developed with The Full English and supported by the Department for Education. It was co-founded by Sir Andrew Motion (Co-Director of The Poetry Archive) and Julie Blake (Co-Director of The Full English and Education Director of The Poetry Archive) in February 2012. The 2013 competition was announced at The National Portrait Gallery in December 2012 with the website launching in January 2013. There have been four iterations of the Poetry By Heart national poetry recitation competition in England between January 2013 and April 2016.

The Poetry By Heart website is a shared asset of The Poetry Archive and The Full English. It is maintained and developed by The Full English as a resource for a national poetry recitation competition and for teaching and learning about poetry.

About The Poetry Archive
The Poetry Archive (www.poetryarchive.org) is the world’s premier online collection of recordings of poets reading their own work. The Archive exists to make poetry accessible, relevant and enjoyable to a wide audience. It is a registered charity supported using public funding by Arts Council England.

About The Full English
The Full English (www.thefullenglish.org.uk) is a research-informed curriculum consultancy which innovates web-based designs for learning about English language, English literature and literacy in 21st century educational settings. The Full English exists to develop academic impact in literacy pedagogy.

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